Horse Show Awards & Equestrian Gift Items

Unique Horse Show Awards and Equestrian Gift Items. Eco-Friendly Horse Grooming Towels & Hair Coat Shedding Gloves. Each EQUI-TOWEL product is one-of-a-kind! Designed by Equestrians for the Equestrian, horse and dog. The perfect Horse Lover Gift, Equestrian Gift or Horse Show Award handout.

The Cloth of Today's Generation for a healthier way of life for the equestrian, horse and dog.

Grooming Gloves for Horse and Dog with Sensitive Skin

EQUI-Gloves are two sided Microfiber Horse Grooming Shedding Gloves. Captures Bacteria! One side for currying and one side for cleaning and polishing hair coat. They also make great waterless bath gloves too! A must have for every stable! Designed for the horse and dog with sensitive skin.

The Official 10X EQUI-Towel

EQUI-Towel 10X is a Revolutionary Antibacterial Microfiber Towel for the Equestrian, Horse and Dog Lover with nano silver particles sewn into the fibers.

Why is this important?
1. Germs cannot hide in this towel keeping you, your horse and stable safe.
2. The fabric is amazingly soft and durable and odor-resistant.
3. Bacteria will not live here. Period!*

*Minimize the risk and protect your investment. Captures bacteria on contact. Then kills it within 18 hours without washing. Works for the life of the cloth. Long Lasting when cared for properly.

EQUI-Towel Microfiber Products are highly functional horse grooming tools that perfectly removes even particulate matters without damaging the hair coat by using fine microfibers. They are considered to be eco-friendly as they reduce the volume of chemical cleaning agents and sprays used. With this said, the result is an environmentally clean equestrian product.

The EQUI-Towel also absorbs water fast, attracts dirt and bacteria like a magnet, polishes the hair coat without use of harsh sprays.
Great for washing, drying, and polishing your horse or dog. Our Horse Towels are sure to give your horse or dog a healthier new hair coat! Read more...

Only the 10X Full Body Sanitizer, 10X Mini Sanitizer towels and EQUI-Swiper have the nano-silver feature.

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