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EQUI-Towel Product Use

EQUI-Towel Horse Product Use

We have carefully thought out every detail to help assist with the use of our EQUI-Towel products.

EQUI-2XX In One - A superior soaker that is two sided. Best for drying your horse after bath. Great for winter baths and quick dry. Both sides do the job. The waffle side will soak up the water and the ultra-suede side will wipe away any excess water and promote natural shine while keeping hair flat.

EQUI-10X Full Body Sanitizer - This is your washing, drying and sanitizing towel with nano-silver infused for a water-less bath or just a wipe down. Purpose is to capture bacteria and kill it. This towel is best used as a sanitizing towel.

EQUI-10X Mini Sanitizer - This nano-silver sanitizing cloth is best used when wet or damp. Very effective either way. Objective is to capture any bad bacteria and kill it.

EQUI-7X - This is your all-purpose quick-dry towel. Body - Wipe in one direction with a flat hand for best results. Tail - Wrap the towel around the tail and move the towel back and worth down the entire tail several times. This will cause the positive and negative charges within the microfibers to work properly.

EQUI-20X - This is your polishing and dusting towel. (SOLD OUT)

- Use this bendable swiper wand after bathing your horse. Slide the nano-silver microfiber cover onto the Bendable Swiper. Scrape away water and sweat from your horse. Will capture bacteria and kill it.

Quick Dry Tail Bag Liner - Best used as a liner for your existing tail bag. A great quick dry for after bath.

- Use damp or dry for any last minute finishing touch-ups.

- Use damp or dry. Works better and better after each machine wash and dry.

- These gloves are interchangeable. Place gloves on hands and start seeing results. Curry on the purple side and wipe away with the black side. Rub hands together to get rid of excess hair from currying when done.

Care Instructions

We also recommend reviewing our care instructions category to read about how to care for each of these products.