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antibacterial horse grooming products

EQUI-Towel Antibacterial Products

We are equestrians that have designed eco-friendly antibacterial pet grooming products mainly with the horse in mind but can also be used on dogs and humans.

Each EQUI-TOWEL product is one-of-a-kind! Only the 10X Full Body Sanitizer, 10X Mini Sanitizer towels and EQUI-Swiper have the nano-silver feature.

Take a look at what we have to offer. Our product line up is perfect for an individual who is not wanting to use sprays on their horses for grooming purposes. These products, towels and cloths are very soft to the touch and are very effective. You will love them.Eco-Friendly Horse Products
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Microfiber Towel for Horses EQUI-2XX In One
Our Price: $25.00
Horse Grooming Shedding Gloves EQUI-Glove
Our Price: $15.00
Gift Bags For Horse Lovers Protection Bags
Our Price: $12.00
microfiber horse swiper grooming blade EQUI-Swiper
Our Price: $10.00
Black Microfiber Horse Towels and Dog Drying Towels EQUI-7X Quick Dry
Our Price: $10.00
EQUI-Cloth EQUI-Cloth
Our Price: $5.00
EQUI-MicroCloth EQUI-MicroCloth
Our Price: $5.00