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EQUI-Towel Product Care

Every product will last longer if cared for properly so we have included some tips for you to read here:

Care Instructions

Liquid Detergent Only (Why? Because powdered detergent will clog the fibers where as liquid detergent helps to clean the fibers)
Low Heat Wash and Dry (Why? Low heat prevents the microfibers from being damaged resulting in your towel not performing as it should or lasting as long as it should)
No Fabric Sheets or Softeners (Why? Again you want to try and avoid clogging the microfibers for best performance)

Tips To Follow For Best Care Results

EQUI-2XX In One - We have found that if you can avoid a dryer and just hang dry your towel will stay softer and last longer.

EQUI-10X Full Body Sanitizer - See above

EQUI-10X Mini Sanitizer - Same as above

EQUI-7X - Absolutely do not drop this in the dirt or shavings. It's like a magnet with tiny soft claws. Captures everything and you will regret it. Hang dry for best long lasting results. If you need to dry in the dryer only dry for short period and then fluff up. Do not wash this with your white towels. The sewn label is a great way to hang on a hook.

EQUI-Swiper - After use wash off with water hose and hang dry. Change out covers as desired. Follow same care instructions as the 2XX above.

Quick Dry Tail Bag Liner - Absolutely do not let your tail bag near shavings or dirt. This tail bag was designed to help dry your horses tail quickly while walking around, traveling or tied up. Not to leave on over night in stall with shavings and that is why we call it a quick-dry liner tail bag. You can place your normal tail bag over this liner if you intend to leave on overnight but no guarantees the shavings won't sneak in so its best not to try. So you better get two just in case. Same care as 7X.

EQUI-Cloth - No special instructions for this cloth other than no bleach and do not wash with whites. It's a work horse.

EQUI-MicroCloth - Same as EQUI-Cloth

EQUI-Glove - Rub hands together to get rid of excess hair from currying when done or just take a hose to them. They come clean really easy. Warm or cold wash is fine and air dry works best.

DO NOT DROP ANY of the following NEAR SHAVINGS: 7X, Tail Bag Liner Eco-Friendly Horse Towels