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Microfiber is an extremely thin fabric of highly advanced technology with thickness of less than 1/100 of human hair (Diameter of 1 micrometer=1/1,000,000m). Microfiber is an ultra fine, polyester/polyamide (nylon) fiber that is split and either woven or knitted into fabric.

Microfiber is available in several different constructions each providing different features and benefits. The quality and performance of the fabric is determined by both the type of fiber and the construction method.

How Microfiber Works

Characteristics of Microfiber

Excellent absorbency and quick drying property

Microfiber towels quickly absorb large quantity of moisture in an instant thanks to capillary action resulting from fine pores inside the product. Besides, their fast drying speed enables convenience in use.

Superior Cleaning Power

Being super microfibers of fine thickness, they easily remove contamination with only using water.

Microscope size split fibers can reach into tiny pockets in the surface and grab dirt.
The cross-section of the "wedged shaped" strands provide more effective cleaning than round strands used in other fabric.